7th August 2014

The start was a conversation between Ebb Tide and myself, sometime in January or early February 2012. It went as follows;

Me; ‘’D’you fancy walking round the Essex Coast?’

E.T.; ‘’Yup’’.

By the end of February we were off, and the walks that followed are the subject of these posts. Over the past couple of years we’ve walked the Coasts of Essex and Suffolk as well as the length of the Stour Valley.

Many thanks to people who continue to follow this blog and to those who have commented and provided information. Do get in touch if you want any information about any of the places we have walked. Place a query in the ‘comment’ box of the relevant post and I will reply direct to your email address.

Thank you for reading, but do keep Rebecca Solnit’s cautionary words in mind;

To hear about walking from people whose only claim on our attention is to have walked far is like getting one’s advice on food from people whose only  credentials come from winning pie-eating contests. Quantity is not everything.

From February 2015, as we head down the Lea valley to points beyond, the blog will become more of a photo journal.


One thought on “About

  1. A great blog,. I really enjoyed reading about your walks round Suffolk and some of Essex too, although we all know there be dragons over the border. So I don’ t stray far over into Essex on my walks.

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