Essex Coast Annual Quiz 2015; The Result!!

The Essex Coast admin team has been working overtime to sort through the deluge of responses to the annual quiz and we are delighted to announce that the winner is Ming Dynasty, a long-time follower of the blog. She correctly named Pole Hill as the location of the drinking fountain (I would also have accepted The Queen Elizabeth Hunting Lodge as an answer for that one) and also identified the Halfpenny Pier at Harwich as the tea-drinking venue. Congratulations Ming! A Walking the Essex Coast virtual T-shirt is winging its way to you.

Honourable mention also for Distant Relative, a regular correspondent, who posted a response to say that he did not know the answer. He gets two T-shirts.

Winners! How to obtain your virtual T-shirt.

1.Log on to a site that sells design-your-own T-shirts.

2. Simply cut and paste one of the following slogans onto the T-shirt of your choice.

a) I’m Following The Essex Coast

b) The Essex Coast; 250 350 450 Miles of Joy

3. Order the T-shirt and within a few days it will be delivered to your door.


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