The Essex Coast Annual Quiz 2014

A short, sweet prelude to this year’s blogging; where is this poultry-related weathervane?

Essex coast, Heybridge, Goldhanger, birds,clouds 055 (1)

(added on 27th Feb)

The winning answer has been included in the comments. I have also included an answer which must have come from the NSA and The Essex Coast is always flattered by their attentions. Another comment seems to have slipped in by accident, missed by the moderators..


11 thoughts on “The Essex Coast Annual Quiz 2014

      • i
        I am not really into blogging but I have read your Essex walks and wonder why you do not mention the R. Crouch. Have you not been there ? I gather Master F is vegetarian. Is the Peldon Rose still there ?

        • You have homed straight into an embarrassing gap in our walk of the Essex coast, for the truth is that we skipped the River Crouch. We walked from Bradwell to Burnham and then started on the other side of the Crouch estuary at Wallasea Island, and continued from there. There are many good reasons for skipping many parts of the Essex coast, but we don’t really have one for missing the Crouch estuary.

          Master F. is indeed vegetarian.

          The Peldon Rose is still there and appears in some of the blogs as ‘The Peldon and Salcott Embassy’.

          • I saw the reference to the Peldon and Salcott Embassy but I could not believe
            anyone would change such a lovely name as Peldon Rose to such a dull one.My cousin, who I mentioned in my first “blog” to you, farmed at Hullbridge but it was not remote enough for him and he moved to the Rockies in Canada. Childhood has a very great influence on one’s life.

            • A fair point.

              I have relatives in Vancouver and I think its safe to say that the Canadian Rockies offer a different degree of remoteness to Hullbridge.

            • I have spent the afternoon reading your Suffolk coastal walks. Very
              interesting reads. In one you are wondering where to go next. Why not around Saffron Walden, a lovely Essex market town surrounded by pretty villages. Great Bardfield where Edward Bawden lived. Another one is the home of Germaine Greer. Yet another is home to a well known chef. In the 80’s Paul Barnes from Anglia TV made some programmes about
              local villages. One was filmed at Arkesden where I was living at the time. Renowned for its fish and chips in those days but I am not sure Master F would be satisfied.

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